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Synthetic Lawns

Aaron Paving provides clients in Dublin and Wicklow with a Synthetic lawn installation services. Synthetic lawns make the perfect play area for kids and for pets. They are the perfect solution for those who want the advantages of a traditional organic lawn but none of the maintenance requirements. 

Synthetic lawns stay green all year round, are impervious to weeds, and don’t require cutting or watering.
Our team can quickly install a synthetic lawn in your property.

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Advantages of Synthetic Lawns

Synthetic Lawns provide home and business owners with a range of advantages in comparison to traditional organic lawns. These advantages include:

-Ease Of Use
Synthetic Lawns don’t require the maintenance the same level of maintenance as organic lawns. Tedious tasks like mowing and weeding can be a thing of the past, after a synthetic lawn is installed.

-Environmental Issues
Synthetic lawns don’t need to be watered, so even during droughts, water can be saved without the green of your garden being compromised. As they don’t need to be mowed, they also eliminate the carbon emissions from lawnmowers.

-Perfect For Pets
Thanks to the high-quality materials that synthetic lawns are made of, they can’t be dug up by animals.

-Around Water Features

Synthetic lawns are often used around a pool or a garden water feature. Our synthetic lawns can act as splash area, absorbing water but never getting mucky or creating puddles.