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Natural Stone

Aaron Paving provides clients with the very best in natural stone for driveways and patios.
The timeless elegance of natural stone adds a charming, rustic, old-world feel to any property or business. The stunning natural occurring patterns in stone, along with the huge amount of demure colour options, means that natural stone is perfect for use in both classical properties and in more modern buildings.
From Georgian and Victorian style country houses to stunning examples of modern architecture, a natural stone driveway or patio always adds an elegant flourish to the exterior of any property.

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Our Natural Stone Services

Aaron Paving has a wide selection of natural stone available to our Dublin and Wicklow based clients including:

Sandstone’s natural light amber hue makes it a popular choice for paving slabs, kerbs and cobblestones. The natural veining of sandstone makes each slab completely unique.

Limestone is a naturally occurring stone in Ireland. Its naturally dark finish and durability has made it a sought-after building material for thousands of years.

Granite is considered one of the strongest stones on earth. Its grey exterior makes it a favourite for both indoor and outdoor building projects.